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Don’t Let Household Clutter Cramp Your Style

When buying an existing house, some aspects—such as the layout, a lack of certain amenities or the size of the rooms—are not to your liking. That’s why there are so many advantages to having your house custom-built. The main benefit is that your home is exactly as you want it right from the start.

When you buy a lot of residential land from Deb & Cheyenne LLC, a family-owned-and-operated land developer in North Georgia, you’ll be building a home that will be constructed to your exact specifications.

Plenty of storage space is one of the most underestimated considerations when planning a customized home. Contemplate including some of these storage features into your plans.

A three-car garage: Many homeowners use their one- or two-car garage as their main storage location. But as your stuff piles up in there, fitting in your car or cars can become an increasingly tight squeeze. A three-car garage can keep your garage functioning as attended. You can still keep things that aren’t sensitive to the outside temperature, such as tools, paint and other home maintenance items, without conceding the space to household clutter.

Clever shelving: Keep clutter off the floor and out of the way with resourceful shelves. Your living spaces will appear more open, and trip hazards will be kept to a minimum. Construct storage cubbies in hollow spaces under staircases, and install decorative shelves anywhere, from the bathroom to bedrooms to hallways. And who doesn’t love the sleek look of built-in shelves?

Walk-in clothes closets: Have one built in at least the master bedroom! Your duds will stay lined up, and be easily accessible and clearly visible. You can also throw a laundry hamper in there!

Furniture with hidden storage: This includes bed frames that are high enough off the floor to accommodate a variety of sizes of plastic storage bins. Pick a living room sectional sofa with a lift-top console for remote controls, device chargers and the TV listings. Choose an ottoman with a removable top; it’s perfect for holding blankets, pillows and comfy slippers.

Using their 60 years of experience, Deb & Cheyenne LLC can help you in every aspect of your purchase, including securing financing to buy the land or getting construction loans. Please don’t hesitate to contact them at 770-639-5687.

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